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Sunday, June 16, 2019



Due to focusing on Family Crusades and Camps, we rarely book one day events except during the month of December or for Standup Comedy.  If you would like a one day event, we will be glad to put you on a waiting list in case we have a cancellation of a crusade or camp.  We then call to check and see if you want us to come for a one day service, this is usually short notice, one to two weeks.  There is no obligation for you to let us come. If you would like on that list send us an email and make reference to a one day event waiting list.


January 2019  
Jan 13-16 Family Crusade (Year 5) Conway Baptist Church, Farmerville, LA   318-281-1315
Jan 20-23  
Jan 27-30 Family Crusade (Year 5)  First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, NM    575-760-3404
February 2019  
Feb 3-6 Family Crusade (Year 13) Liberty Grove Church of God, West Monroe, LA 318-387-1025
Feb 10-13 Family Crusade (Year 2) Parkview Baptist Church, Talulah, LA   318-334-8990
Feb 15 Standup (Year 1) Meridian Baptist Church, Crossest, AR
Feb 17-20 Family Crusade (Year 14) North Central Baptist Church, Delhi, LA 318-878-5234
Feb 24-27 Family Crusade (Year 1) Wayside Baptist Church, Pollock, LA
March 2019  
Mar 3-6 Family Crusade (Year 10) Harvest Assembly of God, West Monroe, LA
Mar 10-13 Family Crusade (Year 2) Meridian Baptist Church, Crossest, AR
Mar 24-27 Family Crusade (Year 3) Freedom Baptist Church, Pitkin, LA   337-396-7229
April 2019  
Apr 7-10 Family Crusade (Year 1) South Main Baptist Church, Crossest, AR
Apr 12-13 Fishing' for a Mission, Grand Bayou Resort
Apr 24-28 Camp Meeting, Highland Faith Assembly of God, Bloomington, IN   812-272-2456
May 2019  
May 5-8 Family Crusade (Year 3) Palestine Baptist Church, Grant, LA
May 12-15 Family Crusade (Year 3) First Assembly of God, Huntsville, TX
May 19-22 Family Crusade (Year 3) Village Baptist Church, Magnolia, AR
May 26-29 Family Crusade, (Year ), First Baptist Church, Castor, LA
June 2019  
June 2-5 Family Crusade (Year 2) Union Baptist Church, Winfield, LA
June 9-12 Family Crusade (Year 7) Tabernacle Baptist Church, Redtown, TX
June 16-19 Family Crusade (Year 1) The Way Church, Denham Springs, LA
June 23-26 Family Crusade (Year 11) Crestview Baptist Church, Farmersville, LA
July 2019  
July 1-4 Boys Mission Camp (Year ) Dry Creek Baptist Camp, Dry Creek, LA
July 7-10 Family Crusade (Year 2) Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church, Mt. Hermon, LA
July 14-17 Family Crusade (Year 1) Camdenton New Life, Camdenton, MO
July 20 Standup Comedy (Year 1) Community Baptist Church, Greensburg, LA
July 21-24 Family Crusade (Year 1) Community Baptist Church, Greensburg, LA
July 28-31 Family Crusade (Year ) Valley View Assembly of God, Lake City, MN
August 2019  
Aug 11-14 Family Crusade (Year ) Memorial Baptist Church, Longville, LA
Aug 17 Standup (Year 1) First Baptist Church, Dubach, LA
Aug 18-21 Family Crusade (Year 2) First Baptist Church, Dubach, LA
Aug 25-28 Family Crusade (Year 2) Old Saline Baptist Church, Saline, LA
September 2019  
Sept 1-4 Family Crusade (Year 5) Camdenton First Assembly of God, Camdenton, MO
Sept 8-11 Family Crusade (Year 1) Galilee Baptist Church, El Dorado, AR 870-904-9173
Sept 15-18 Family Crusade (Year 2) First Baptist Church, Longville, LA 
Sept 24 Standup Comedy (Year 2) Texoma Cowboy Church Ladies Group, Wichita Falls, TX
Sept 29-Oct 2 Family Crusade (Year 1) First Baptist Church, Simsboro, LA 
October 2019  
Oct 6-9 Family Crusade Eustace First Assembly of God, Eustace, TX
Oct 14-18 Family Revival, Harmony Church, Deville, LA
November 2019  
Nov 3-6 Family Crusade (Year ) Ottawa First Assembly of God, Ottawa, KS
Nov 10-13 Family Crusade (Year 13) Steelville Assembly of God, Steelville, MO
Nov 14-21 Family Time - Thanksgiving
Nov 29-30 Grant Christmas Tree Farm
December 2019  
Dec 4 OPEN
Dec 6-7 Grant Christmas Tree Farm
Dec 11 Unity Baptist Church, Oak Grove, LA
Dec 13 Bellview Baptist Church, Columbia, LA
Dec 14 New Prospect Baptist Church, Pioneer, LA
Dec 15 Fairview First United Methodist Church, Camden, AR
January 2020  
 Jan 12-15 Family Crusade (Year 6) Conway Baptist Church, Farmerville, LA 
 Jan 19-22 OPEN 
 Jan 26-29 Family Crusade (Year 6) First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, NM
February 2020  
Feb 9-12 Family Crusade (Year 3) Parkview Baptist Church, Tallulah, LA
Feb 16-19 OPEN
Feb 23-26 OPEN
March 2020  
Mar 1-4 OPEN
Mar 8-11 Family Crusade (Year 11) Harvest Assembly of God, West Monroe, LA
Mar 15-18 OPEN
Mar 29-Apr 1 OPEN
April 2020  
Apr 5-8 OPEN
Apr 19-22  OPEN 
Apr 26-29 Family Crusade (Year 2) Perryville Baptist Church, Perryville, KY
May 2020  
May 3-6 Family Crusade (Year 2) Wayside Baptist Church, Pollock, LA
May 17-20 OPEN
May 24-27 OPEN
May 31-June 3 OPEN
June 2020  
June 7-10 Family Crusade (Year 2) Galilee Baptist Church, El Dorado AR
June 14-17 Family Crusade (Year 1) Pine Grove Church of God, Crossett, AR
June 28-July 1 OPEN
July 2020  
July 5-8 OPEN
July 19-22 Family Crusade (Year ) Temple Baptist Church, Springfield, KY
July 26-29 OPEN
August 2020  
Aug 2-5 OPEN
Aug 9-12 OPEN
Aug 16-19 OPEN
Aug 23-26 OPEN
Aug 30-Sept 2 OPEN
September 2020  
Sept 6-9 OPEN
Sept 13-16 OPEN
Sept 20-23 OPEN
Sept 27-30 OPEN
October 2020  
Oct 4-7 Family Crusade (Year 6) Arpelar Church of the Nazarene, Arpelar, OK
Oct 11-14 OPEN
Oct 18-21 OPEN
November 2020  
Nov 8-11 OPEN
Nov 15-18 OPEN
Nov 27-28 Grant Christmas Tree Farm, Grant, LA
December 2020  
Dec 2 OPEN
Dec 4-5 Grant Christmas Tree Farm, Grant, LA
Dec 9 OPEN
Dec 11 OPEN
Dec 13 OPEN
Dec 16 OPEN
Dec 18 OPEN